IDs Mapping Table Search of Researchers

Last update 2014-12-15


Researcher Name Resolver holds external direct links for researchers. Direct links usually refer to an URI of the researcher in a database. Researcher Name Resolver currently holds direct links to KAKEN, CiNii, Webcat, ResearcherID, researchmap, J-Global, campus directories, and Researcher Name Resolver. These links are available if Researcher Name Resolver holds these link information. Researcher Name Resolver automatically process link information in the background for KAKEN, CiNii, researchmap, J-Global, and campus directories. Instutition staff can upload researcher profiles including direct link information. These direct link URIs is often based on the original identity(ID) of the database. Researcher Name Resolver holds these IDs and types of database.

By means of relationship among IDs with types of database for researchers, we provide a table search function of IDs of each researcher over XML-RPC.

XML-RPC API for IDs mapping table search of researchers

You need to POST a request XML to the XML-RPC entry point. You should send a request in POST method with "Content-Type: text/xml" header and a XML text for request.

API Type


  Method Type XML-RPC

  methodName in XML-RPC Researcher.resolveID

  Entry Point

XML Schema Definition for Query

 Tag name and layrers              range    
 layer 1  layer 2  layer 3  layer 4  layer 5  layer 6  layer 7  layer 8  minOccurs  maxOccurs notes
 methodCall               1 1  Root node
   methodName             1 1  Method (You should set "Researcher.resolveID" )
   params             1 1  
     param           1 1  
       value         1 1  
         struct       1 1  
           member     1 3  
             name   1 1

 Name can be set to:




             value   1 1  
               string 1 1  A value according to the source, id, and target


Value of "source" and "target" list

Value of "source" and "target" Value of "id" according to the value of "source"
Researcher Name Resolver ID
KAKENHI Researcher Number
cinii CiNii Author ID
jairo JAIRO Researcher Number
researchmap ID
jglobal JGLOBAL ID
Webcat ID
(Note : XXXXXXX is institution ID)
employeeID (in researcher profiles uploaded by institution staff)
anyURI URI for the researcher (registered in this system)



If you already know KAKENHI Researcher Number "80252831" and want to know Researcher Name Resolver ID of the researcher, you need to set "source=kaken", "id=80252831" and "target=resolver" in such a following XML format.


Example. XML for query


You can examine this API by sending a request with a unix command. You should prepare the above example request xml as "request.xml" file, then you may use "curl" like this.


$ curl -v --data @request.xml -H "Content-Type: text/xml"


You may get the following output.



The response XML format is the following.


XML Schema Definition for Response

 Tag name and layrers                          range      
 layer 1  layer 2  layer 3  layer 4  layer 5  layer 6  layer 7   layer 8   layer 9   layer 10  layer 11  minOccurs  maxOccurs  notes
 methodResponse                     1 1  Root node
   params                   0 1  Normal Response
     param                 1 1  
       value               1 1  
         struct             1 1  
           member           1 1  
             name         1 1

 name can be set to:



             value         1 1  
               string       0 1  Value for name "target"
               array       0 1  Value for name "id"
                 data     1 1  
                   value   1 unbounded  
                     string 1 1  
   fault                   0 1  Fault Response
       struct               1 1  
         member             3 3  
           name           1 1

 "faultCode" or "faultString"

           value           1 1  
             i4         0 1  "faultCode" value
             string         0 1  "faultString" message


"faultCode" value and "faultString" Message

"faultCode" value Corresponding "faultString" message
1 source not found
2 source id not found
3 target not found
4 target id not found



Examples are here.

Example. Normal Response


Example. Fault Response