ORCID integration

Last update 2013-08-19


"ORCID integration" gives a function to make relationship between researcher identifiers of the world provided by ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) Inc. and Researcher Name Resolver IDs for Japanese researcher provided by this system. Those of researchers who have a page of himself/herself in this system, by using "the Web application for RNR to ORCID integration" as described in the section below, can make a relationship beteeen his/her ORCID ID and RNR ID. This application will register the RNR ID as an external identifier of the ORCID ID in the ORCID system, and gives a link from the RNR page to the ORCID page as well. This is the first case in Japan of an application that integrates with the ORCID system.


[For researchers those who have a researcher page of himself/herself in this system]

To start the Web application for RNR to ORCID integration, please follow the link for the start page. If you have not registered yourself in the ORCID system, please register yourself at first, and then go forward to the start page.

What is ORCID?

ORCID(Open Researcher and Contributor ID), or ORCID, Inc. is an international organization of various academic stakeholders for minting and managing researcher identifiers. ORCID, Inc. has been founded as a not-for-profit organization in Delaware, the United States in August, 2010. Stakeholders include resesarchers, research agencies, universities, publishers, academic societies, funding agencies, academic information companies, and etc. The researcher identifiers assigned by ORCID is called as ORCID IDs, which are linked with researcher profiles and publications. This researcher identifiers have a capability to solve the name ambiguity problem of academic information and accelerate to organize the academic information for every researcher, so that a various kinds of stakeholders will get benefits from them.

We assume that we will get benefits in the following cases. For example, researchers will use an ORCID ID when they submit thier research paper or apply for a job of academic position. Researchers will put a description of academic achievement related to peer reviewed papers, scientific data, software development, and any other academic activities. While researchers open their research achievement information in public over ORCID, they can find a resesarch partner and grow a research network. Universities and research institutions will use ORCID IDs to assess members' achievements in the organizations, or to evaluate applicants for an academic job of them. These organizations can easily analyze their strength of research fields and trace the academic achievement path of a researcher. Academic societies wil use ORCID IDs to enrich their member profiles, encourage members to open their research achievements, and support members to collaborate among them. Publishers will use ORCID IDs to track submission processes of authors and reviwers reliably in a manuscript tracking system. On the publisher's journal site, users will be able to find a relevant papers to a specific author or co-authors. Funding agencies will use ORCID IDs for grant applicants to apply grant proposals, so that funding agencies can easily access applicants' information and make an application process light. They can assess project achievements in various stages as well.

The ORCID system assumes to integrate scholastic third party systems. Existing scholastic systems already have their original researcher identifiers. Therefore, for exchanging information between them, basically it is necessary to make a link between an ORCID ID and a researcher identifier of the third party system. The ORCID system holds a record of researcher identifer of the third party system as an external identifier and give a link to it. Linked researcher identifiers is a foundation for future prominent services.


*For more information, please see the references below.

The Web application for RNR to ORCID integration

The Web application for Researcher Name Resolver to ORCID integration will make a relationship between a RNR ID and an ORCID ID for each researcher registered in this system. To build a link between a RNR ID and an ORCID ID means bridging two levels of identifiers whereas the RNR ID is a national level of identifier and the ORCID ID is an international level of identifier. Researcher Name Resolver has extablished integration with major national scholarly systems and provided direct links to researcher pages of them. Therefore, ORCID integration gives an international stand point of researcher identifier to reach researcher information provided by national major scholarly systems in Japan.

ORCID integration interlinked services


Researchers registered in the Researcher Name Resolver , please get started to execute the Web application for RNR to ORCID integration in order to make a relationship between your ORCID ID and you RNR ID. If you have not regsitered yourself to the ORCID system, go regstration for the ORCID first and then go back here to start the application. Here is the link to start the application.

After the Web application for RNR to ORCID integration complete the process, the mutual links between RNR and ORCID will be appeared as the figure below.

ORCID integration interlinked



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